We are Fascinated by the Power of Fermentation

That is why we are dedicated to refining valuable organic raw materials through this enzymatic fermentation process.

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Made in Germany by livQ
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Our aim is to offer health-conscious people innovative and organically valuable food fermented in special quality. Feel the power of fermentation!

livQ Bio-Essenzes – fermented organic fruits, nuts and vegetables. Pure, energetic, natural and vegan 

livQ Bio-Primärhefe – liquid brewer’s yeast for Vitality, Immune- and Nervous System

Products that simply provide more well-being. Purely natural products, fermented, efficient and well tolerated. Practical to use – just right for everyday life and leisure.

For People,

  • who care for the well-being of their families.
  • who consciously take responsibility for their personal well-being.
  • who are well prepared to meet the normal demands of our time and are looking for compatible and effective support with natural aids. Vitamin C and vitamin B12 help to strengthen the immune system.
  • who live on a special diet: Vegans, vegetarians.
  • Therapists and nutritionists who care for the well-being of others.

Because lactic acid bacteria are good for the human body and its well-being. Why this is so was not clear until now. Now scientists of the University of Leipzig occupied for the first time the molecular mechanisms of the function mode of lactic acid bacteria in the body – and give thereby conclusions on it, why fermentierte food are healthy and can strengthen even the immune system naturally.

Stimulated cell receptor interacts and can strengthen the immune system

The study of the University of Leipzig shows that bacteria in fermented food interact with our immune system. It thus provides new insights into the evolutionary dynamics between microbes and the immune system. At the same time it underlines once again the positive effect of fermented food as offered by livQ.

„Sei gut zu Deinem Körper, damit die Seele Lust hat, darin zu wohnen.” – Teresa von Ávila
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