livQ Bio-Primärhefe – this liquid brewer’s yeast is superfood from Bavaria

livQ Bio-Primärhefe is organic brewer’s yeast in its original liquid form. It is rich in natural B-Vitamins by nature.

B-Vitamins contained in this multi-talent for more well-being contribute to  
Reduction of tiredness and fatigue,
a normal Energy-yielding metabolism,
normal functioning of the nervous system,
a normal psychologial function and
a normalen function of the immune system.

B vitamins and their effects

Only organic brewer’s yeast from the brewery is used for our livQ products. It grows on first class organic wort made of pure organic malt. Being harvested after the first fermentation process, the brewer’s yeast is of  highest quality and freshness.

We pack the liquid brewer’s yeast in convenient sticks, so it is well protected. In these handy single servings, you can get your daily dose of yeast-power any moment!

livQ Bio-Primärhefe, the liquid brewer’s yeast, is nicely creamy, tastes spicy and delicious.

The pure form of brewer’s yeast

Variations in taste with superfood

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