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New trends meet earlier innovations at the Munich research brewery

Fermented foods are more topical than ever and it is hardly surprising that the food trend has already established itself in the menus of many health-conscious people. With its Bio-Essenzes, the Munich-based company livQ is also one of the specialists when it comes to fermentation. In the time-honored walls of the former research brewery, livQ has now found its new home and is continuing what Gottfried Jakob once started there.

About livQ

The fascinating process of nutrient enrichment through enzymatic fermentation is at the heart of the corporate philosophy of livQ AG, founded in 2013. The founders' common mission: to unleash the potential of valuable organic ingredients in fer-mented foods and to provide people with vital foods for a holistic diet. Production takes place at the company's own facility in Germany. All livQ products are certi-fied organic, lactose-free and vegan. They are available in health food and organic specialty stores, from selected shippers and directly.
ReExperienceLive mit allen Sinnen! Endlich wieder echte Begegnung! Vom 26. bis 29. Juli 2022 trifft sich die internationale Bio-Lebensmittel Community in Nürnberg zur BIOFACH, Weltleitmesse für Bio-Lebensmittel. Die findet dann als einmalige Summer Edition wieder live statt – mit digitalem Mehrwert!