livQ Bio-Essenz and livQ Bio-Primärhefe are available in specialized shops

Our products are available in organic, natural food and health food stores ans specialized online shops dedicated to nutrition and health. Your pharmacy can also order the products for you.

This overview does not give any information about the current stock and the assortment in the individual shops.

Choose from the addresses listed or switch to livQ‘s Online-Shop (German language and delivery in Germany only).

Specialist shops and pharmacies:

bioVerum, Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz

Ihr Biomarkt in Pöcking bei Starnberg

Pharmacy in the heart of Munich – classical and complementary remedies

Korn Biomarkt in Grafing and Ebersberg

at Reformhaus Kreuzpointner, München

some Landmann‘s stores

all over Austria

Naturkost Schatzinsel located in Bamberg

at Wasserburger Biomarkt

Hahn Pharmacy in Munich Trudering

Tell-Apotheke in Munich Fürstenried


livQ Products  – Delivery by Amazon

The Primärhefe-Experts

Our philosophy: From nature to health

Natural health at Herba-Dea – Croatia

Shop with Organic Products, Products for allergy sufferers

Your partner for well-being and vitality

Wholesalers for Retail Stores:

Bio Korb – Wholesales-Clients

Partner for retailers in Switzerland

EPOS – Organic for Wholesale Clients 

Partner for retailers in Austria

For buyers: Our products technical details can be accessed at Ecoinform and DATA NatuRe eG.

Visit us at the Trade Fairs to experience our livQ Products live!

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Sibbzena, RosMarie, Sprizz, Kräuterlikör, Neuried, Schuegraf, Spritz

Do you know the fine organic liqueurs with the special touch?

Our Team in Neuried produces herbal liqueurs under the brand name Sibbzena. Selected ingredients of the best organic quality are used for the Sibbzena Craft Spirits. In Sibbzena herbal liqueur, honey and chilli together with the herbs and roots create an unprecedented taste experience. The tart and fresh Ros’Marie with the fine taste of rosemary and bitter orange is served as a spritz and is the organic aperitif for many occasions.

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