Frequently Asked Questions about livQ Bio-Essenz

Frequently Asked Questions about livQ Bio-Essenz

What is livQ Bio-Essenz?

livQ Bio-Essenz is a liquid food, which is produced by fermentation of plant-based ingredients.

For whom is livQ Bio-Essenz?

livQ Bio-Essenz is suited for everybody who loves to give himself a daily treat.

Has livQ Bio-Essenz got prebiotic abilities?

In livQ Bio-Essenz contained carbohydrates, mostly in form of fibre. These might positively influence the body’s natural, bacterial fermentation in the gut by supporting the proliferation of essential bacteria. This can be used to change the components of the gut flora, specifically. The lactic acid bacteria used for the fermentation process are conserved in the livQ Bio-Essenz and uphold their potency. Therefore, the right microorganisms can settle in the gut and can evolve their fullest, health enhancing potential contributing to the gut’s regeneration and regulation.

What is special about livQ Bio-Essenz?

The pure and intensive livQ Bio-Essenz is produced through the Propaferm®-technique: special lactic acid bacteria are added to a mixture of 31 different types of organic fruit, nuts and vegetables, starting the longterm fermentation process. There is no dilution. No additives like glycerine are added to the finished product. livQ Bio-Essenz possesses the approved properties of natural fermented products.

What does the Propaferm®-technique stand for?

The livQ Propaferm®-technique is defined through parameters of controlled fermentation in a closed system. Natural resources are subject to variation. The Propaferm®-technique is adjusted to those variations and protects the high quality of the product. Further, the technique ensures the complete decomposition and the enzymatic conditioning of the whole material due to the livQ-culture. The livQ-culture develops from unique lactic acid cultures surviving and propagating through plant-based cultivation. The start of every new fermentation process for the livQ-Essenz is this special, living livQ-culture.

What happens in the natural fermentation process?

Fermentation is an enzyme-controlled process. The used ingredients are digested through fermentation. This digestion leads to development of vital material, which is strongly bioavailable. The body can utilise this combination of vital material optimally and can use it instantly. Fermentation, also, opens up secondary vegetable substances, which are then bioavailable.

How does the livQ Bio-Essenz taste?

Fermented products taste – owing to their manufacturing process – a little sour. Experience the exciting-tingling taste in its pure form! If you are sensible to sourness, you can also enjoy livQ Bio-Essenz in water or fresh juices.

Why do we recommend a daily dose of only 10 ml?

livQ Bio-Essenz becomes highly concentrated during fermentation with the controlled Propaferm®-technique. There is no dilution before bottling. Due to this, the concentration is so high that a small dosage of 10 ml is sufficient.

Can there be undesired reactions?

Perhaps livQ Bio-Essenz leads to stimulation of the digestive system. This reaction is normal and only shows its effect on the body’s regulation.
Sensitive people should start with only few drops in water or juice. Depending on their tolerance, they can increase the amount of livQ Bio-Essenz.

Is livQ Bio-Essenz suitable for children?

Our livQ Bio-Essenz is suitable for children. The daily dose can be cut in half for smaller children or to start with.

How long does the livQ Bio-Essenz last, how is it stored?

livQ Bio-Essenz lasts long, because of its sour condition. Once opened, the bottle should be stored in a cool place and kept well-closed. In summer, the bottle should be stored in the fridge, preferably. The livQ Bio-Essenz should be used within 4 weeks after opening.

Is livQ Bio-Essenz lactose-free?

Yes, livQ Bio-Essenz is lactose-free.

Is livQ Bio-Essenz free of fructose?

Throughout the long term fermentation process of the Propaferm®-technique, all sugars will be digested by the microorganisms. Therefore, the livQ Bio-Essenz is free of fructose.

Is livQ Bio-Essenz gluten-free?

After being reappraised by the Deutsche Zöliakie Gesellschaft (DZG) in May 2016, oat is considered gluten-free. Thus, our livQ Bio-Essenz is gluten-free. We use the nutritionally valuable oat as an ingredient for the fermentation process. In the meantime, it is generally acctepted that the gluten naturally contained in oat (5-6g/100g) differs from the gluten contained in e.g. wheat, rye or barley. The DZG gave their permission to declare oat as gluten-free in Mai 2016, which led to the confirmation of the harmlessness of the naturally gluten contained in oat. Still relevant and important are possible contaminations through other types of grain: if they can be excluded, oat is considered gluten-free. We solely use gluten-free oat according to the DZG’s declaration.

Is livQ Bio-Essenz suitable for vegan or vegetarian diet?

Yes, livQ Bio-Essenz is vegan.

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