livQ Bio-Essenz – all the Strength and Power of fermented Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts

These fermented livQ Bio-Essenzes are made from 31 organic ingredients.  Top quality product, manufactured in Germany by highly qualified specialists using the Propaferm® fermentation process.

livQ´s  fermented Bio-Essenzes – these top quality products, are manufactured in Germany by highly qualified specialists only. The top-notch standard – Propaferm® fermentation process developed and optimised by livQ leads to Raw Food quality and natural Vitamin B12.
All Essences are gluten free, lactose free and vegan.

livQ Bio-Essenz – it is your choice: pure or with more natural Vitamin C from Camu-Camu berries.

Glass bottle, 250 ml (lasts for 25 days, 10 ml per day)
from 32,90 EUR RRP inclusive.VAT in Germany
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Pur and Energetic, never heated, with natural Vitamin B12

Natural Vitamin C supports Energy Metabolism, Immune Systeme and Psychological Function

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