livQ Bio-Primärhefe GUARANA-COCOA

This brewer’s yeast variation is infused with Guaraná and cocoa making it the perfect ready-to-eat energy booster while being on the go or for now and then.

The Guaraná plant grows in the Amazonas region. Its nut is high in natural caffein. Owing to the Cocoa – the Incas’ energising superfood, which also makes happy –  this variation tastes pungent.

livQ Bio-Primärhefe GUARANA-KAKAO:
Package with 14 Sticks à 15 ml for 1 week

15,95 EUR RRP incl. VAT / Germany
Obtainable at specialised trade and online.

livQ Bio-Primärhefe mit Guarana und Kakao

A serving (= 15mL) livQ Bio-Primärhefe once a day is recommended. You can choose between the pure brewer’s yeast or one of the three variations in taste.

Two servings a day can be useful if you are highly stressed.
livQ Bio-Primärhefe is best consumed before a meal or before going to sleep.

Because of its consistency, you can consume it as you like: simply from the stick, in yogurt, cereal or in a freshly made smoothie.

livQ Bio-Primärhefe can be consumed long term or as a 3-months-cure.

livQ Bio-Primärhefe GUARANA-KAKAO contains caffein. Therefore, it is not recommended for children and pregnant women (179 mg/100ml; 27 mg/Stick).

Please note that a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important for good health.

livQ Bio-Primärhefe GUARANA-KAKAO only contains natural nutrients partly emerged from fermentation partly already existing.

Ingredients: Liquid Brewer’s Yeast (70 %), Raw Cane Sugar, Guaraná Seed Powder (5 %), Raw Cocoa Powder (5 %), Rice flour. (all ingredients certified organic, DE-ÖKO-006)

No artificial flavouring or preservatives are added. The product is controlled continuously by an independent laboratory.

Organic and vegan, lactose-free. Traces of Gluten are possible.

Average Nutrition Facts per
100 ml
100 ml
15 ml
Energy kJ/kcal 694/164
Fat, total 1,2 g
of which saturated 0,5 g
Carbohydrates 28,7 g
of which sugars** 17,6 g
Protein 8,6 g
Salt < 0,01 g
Vitamin B1 • Thiamin 2,13 mg 194 29
Vitamin B2 • Riboflavin 0,58 mg 42 6
Vitamin B3 • Niacin 6,82 mg 43 6
Vitamin B6 • Pyridoxin 0,67 mg 48 7
Vitamin B9 • Folic acid 388 μg 194 29
Vitamin B7 • Biotine 7,47 μg 15 2
Vitamin B5 • Pantothenic acid 0,9 mg 15 2
Potassium 525 mg 26 4
Magnesium 74,6 mg 20 3
Iron 5,0 mg 36 5
Zinc 2,2 mg 22 3

* % recommended daily allowance (NRV). ** naturally contains fructose

We, consciously, made the decision for single serving packaging in foil. This kind of packaging saves weightand material, therefore it is cheaper in manufacturing and transport.
The single servings are convenient for the consumer. Perfect for everyday life and active leisure time –  livQ Bio-Primärhefe can be taken along everywhere.

The used foil is free from aluminium or metal parts, whatsoever. Because of the special manufacturing process, the much needed oxygen barrier is achieved.

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